Friday, May 8, 2015

Rupauls Drag Race Season 7 episode 10 Shims are IMPORTANT as they teach us about the POWER OF ARTIFICE

I really let you have it last episode review and I feel this episode was pretty straight forward and without anyone being annoying or horrible besides Ginger Minjs constant camera aware commentary that Im just over. Im disappointed people don't just see her as a completely false liar. I do. I don't believe one thing that comes out of her mouth. If she's "confessing" something its to gain sympathy, if she's "bitching" its in hope to gain even more sympathy. Many will hate me for saying this but I feel if you dig down deep its actually an honest statement and people just don't want to believe it but, she's just the liar fat person in denial I don't have time for. I find that many, NOT ALL OF COURSE, but MANY, fat people are lying to themselves and therefor not to be trusted. They're fat because they lie to themselves so constantly its physically manifested on their body, so why wouldn't they lie to you? The actual fat is the physical proof of the bubble of denial/lies. Fat is proof of poor management of the body and mind like pain is proof of something negative physically happening to the body. I see the fat as a message from the body itself trying to tell the unconscious mind "Hey, LOOK, The way you're doing things IS NOT WORKING OUT WELL.. SOME CHANGES NEED TO BE MADE ASAP! You are managing this body/life in a WRONG WAY." and you can either see the physical message and change, or dig deeper into a state of denial and then die. If you are willing to live in a state of denial regarding the management of your body and allowing yourself to be run into the ground (this not only goes for fat but also goes for any other addictions) then you are living a lie. As someone who's father was an addicted gambler and thus a TOTAL LIAR its something Im sensitive to and DO NOT WANT TO BE AROUND. I have sympathy for it but have also been burned by it so I have a tough policy on liars. You can hate me for it because if you do I just think the concept is just something too sensitive for you to deal with and I get that. I actually talk about the inability to tolerate stuff below should you choose to read on. That said of course not all lying fat people are terrible though, everyone lies, and some lie FOR YOU. My best friend is kinda fat sometimes and she totally lied as a kid and she sometimes kinda lies A LITTLE and she's FUCKING AMAZING. I don't think she does it much anymore but its just one of those things you know about someone you care about, and you know nobody is perfect, so you shrug your shoulders and go "I guess she felt she needed to lie for whatever reason." That said she's also completely trustworthy but just like lies to make her life more exciting, and I accept that. She makes ALTRUISTIC LIES. They may be done out of a lack of self worth but they're also done FOR ME. In high school she told me she saw Rupaul standing on an overpass by THE MALL in Westchester holding a sign that said "Honk if you love Drag Queens!". This may seem like a simple lie to seem "cool" but it also was her way of telling "Theres more out there to life and if you go down state there ARE DRAG QUEENS IN PUBIC!?!" It was a way for her to seem cool AND let me know "IT GETS BETTER and a share and support your interests." It was a healthy lie, not a MALIGNANT PLOT. I later asked Ru if this was true and she confirmed that BECKY IS A TOTAL LIAR. Becky also told me she MAY have been the person who ran into Keanu Reeves on his motorcycle. This kind of lying I can tolerate, its entertaining. Ginger Minj unfortunately I cannot. I realize she's doing it because she feels she doesn't have enough to offer in a truthful world which is unfortunate but either way she's still committing a MIND CRIME THAT SHE THINKS I WONT SEE and for that I dismiss her. She's not cool enough to tolerate the lies.

The rest of the episode was good and I was totally entertained. Team Violet!!!!

Shims are important because they're sort of the physical example of gender being a concept and showing that most of the differences between the sexes area actually manufactured. Which sounds like an eye roll to us but to conservative/terrified people this is a concept they MAY allow to exist where drag is a for sure NO.

For example my mom yelled at me for ENJOYING the Diana Ross / Lionel Richie SHIM as a child on "Puttin on the Hits" which I WISH was on youtube.(UPDATE! My friend found a LIVE performance of the guy in Europe, I was wrong it was Marvin Gaye and Diana Ross but GET INTO IT! My mom had such a WEIRD PERSON issue with drag, she did NOT like it. Raised by a Seventh Day Adventist/ Lutheran my mom was raised that any form of physical manipulation of the body was just DISHONEST and CHEAP. It was all about the natural state which I APPRECIATE but I clearly appreciate MANIPULATION QUITE A BIT, probably because of her belief in the opposite. She wore make up and was very pretty but it was like CARLY SIMON style. No RED LIPSTICK or CONTRIVED SEX POWER. The head trip behind it all was "WE ARE EQUALS AND I DONT NEED TO BE A SEX OBJECT TO GET WHAT I WANT BECAUSE IM HIGLY INTELLIGENT AND POWERFUL" style. She DID have sex power but it wasn't a manufactured sex power. She was PHYSICALLY ACTIVE and therefore healthy and attractive, its a weird kind of ARYAN YET SOMEHOW HOLY concept actually. It was very like "I am intelligent and statuesque and MIGHTY why would I need artifice? Artifice is for those who don't have it naturally and also a construct to get us to believe we are NOT complete on our own, WHICH WE ARE." I am VERY GLAD I was raised by this kind of person as it taught me that my body is something to be thankful for and is beautiful, BUT if you're not "PERFECTLY NORMAL" which no matter how hard you try you can't be as THE GAY KID it teaches you that YOU ARE WRONG so you OF COURSE quickly learn to appreciate THE WIZARDRY OF RED LIPSTICK aka THE POWER OF ARTIFICE! This kind of attitude made anything synthetic a bit of a "dark art" and how could you NOT be charmed buy that as a kid?! I like a PAINTED LADY, she's somebody willing to NOT accept the status quo and takes it in her hands to transform/transcend. As a gay kid you of course appreciate this as she not only doesn't accept the status quo, which is something you praise and relate to being THE ODD MAN OUT, but she's bucks the system in a dazzling way! Unlike my mothers take on it, which works out fine for her because she just so happened to be naturally pretty so WHY WOULDNT YOU THINK LIKE HER, I don't need to see a person who manipulates the body as weak or a victim. I can see her as someone creative, alive, and even powerful! I don't support my mothers feelings on artifice but I get her weird trip about drag though. It was not a concept that could exist in her world because THERE WAS NO ARTIFACE so there for you can't have manipulation of it if it doesn't exist. To her it was something that goes on IN PRISON. My mom would have to go to the COMSTOCK MAXIMUM SECURITY PRISON sometimes to deal with cons who abused their children and such and I know she saw the trannies there as the worst possible life situation ever so I get it. For her it was not a "FUN MOMENT", for her it was something people had to do to survive when they're locked away forever because of their heinous crimes. I don't know if she would allow herself to think this far into it perhaps even more frightening for her is the fact that it was not something people HAD to do but the thing people COULD DO BECAUSE they were locked away forever, which is far more frightening for a conservative mind.
Heres Grace Jones as a half man/ half woman

And I totally didn't realize that SHIM from Big Top Pee-Wee (don't bother watching it sux) was Joey Arias. I remember the SHIM from the one time I saw it in theatre. Big Top PeeWee is sorta responsible for me LOSING INTEREST IN TIME. When that came out I was so excited and it sucked so much I was just like UGH, I AM NOT INTO THE LATE 80S. Ill just GO AWAY UNTIL RUPAULS DRAG RACE ARRIVES IN ABOUT 20 YEARS


Zachariah said...

You could totally rock a tshirt with "NO FAT CHICKS" emblazoned in hot pink rhinestones. You're right about Ginger. I've been there before.

Anonymous said...

And you just permanently lost your fat follower who chastised you about the comments you made about the fat guys on your cruise. No, not me, but David, you DO realize that many gay men are gainers, yes? Just look at Grommr (well, you can't without being a member) but yes, there are many men who are very much in control of their fatness. For the rest, maybe we are all a bit out of control, though? Anyhow I think this year has no clear winner at this point. They are all kind of so-so. Max should have been brought back, not Trixie Mattel. Oy vey!

M. Z said...

I always appreciate that your reviews give me something new to look up and consume. I'd never heard of Wolf Girl, and now I'm sure I'll be rummaging through those gigantic bins of $5 DVDs at Walmart to see if I'm able to find a copy. I hope it'll be able to wash some of the bad taste AHS: Freak Show left in my mouth.

Talking about how you were raised and this past weekend having been Mother's Day and all caused me to recall my upbringing. My parents were always willing to let me consume and media I could get my hands on. Because of Who Framed Roger Rabbit, I watched Cool World, because we watched In Living Color and Def Comedy Jam, buying me Wayne's World on VHS was nothing despite being FAR below the age the PG-13 rating the film suggested. Funnily enough, I don't think they did this on purpose. All that is to say, this is how I arrived at understanding and appreciating drag. It was a part normalcy, a part of discovery.

On to the episode, I believe as you say Ginger is very much camera aware and is lying. Ginger is an experienced Broadway performer, I don't believe for a minute that she didn't know how to dance and execute choreography. What I can;t believe is that producers and editors think we'll eat it up.

Violet, once again, was excellence. I can see her hunger, her hard tuck in every performance. The changes in posture from male to female side were splendid.

Lastly, I noticed and fancied how they distinguished between male/female sides and never said half drag.

Once again I'm writing a blog on your blog, I'll do better next time.