Thursday, May 14, 2015

Rupauls Drag Race Season 7 Episode 11 review

Hrmmm Its sorta interesting that I feel this season is the closest race ever.
In past seasons I feel the winner has been really clear save for Jinx versus Alaska and even then I feel Jinx was clearly going to win, unfortunately. This race however its down to Violet and Pearl at least for now. Last season they had a final four then a final three. I am ASSUMING it will be Violet and Pearl and Ginger but if Pearl doesn't make the cut then its Violet for the win for sure. If its Violet and Pearl I can't say who will win. Pearl is more connected with the audience. She has 50% more followers on Instagram which is a huge plus in "votes". I feel it will be a clash of the people voting for talent versus popularity. I HOPE it goes to talent. Not that Pearl isn't talented but I feel her vibe is kind of like a "personality" but not a "talent". I really like Pearl, she's certainly cool she's more of an Amanda Lepore to Violets Linda Evangelista to me. Pearl kinda feels like someone how has previously been famous to me and now we just appreciate her because we like her but she's not necessarily delivering anything. Where as Violet to me feels like she still has things to offer and is more of a rising star with something to perform. I feel Violet will always be a reference and working as a drag queen where Pearl will lose interest in three years and works as an assistant to Marc Jacobs or something.
I really liked the episode as it was a creative challenge and surprise surprise the dumb ones can't deliver shit. Kennedy deservedly won the lip-sync. She delivered and you can't knock her for doing her job right. We all hate her but she came to work and she did her job well. Katya was great as well BUT Kennedy respectfully body slammed her. Also who makes a Hello Kitty inspired look IN BLACK?!?!? BLACK is basically BANISHED from the Hello Kitty world, poor choice in going with black for both of them. Pearls outfit I liked but YES, it was too easy. You can't just wrap a blanket into a tube and think it cuts the mustard.
The "Make a friend for Hello Kitty" was also really fun. Katyas was funny and Violet did it right as usual. Pearls was just like Pearl, cool but just sorta Eh for me. Cool is not enough anymore. Im actually into appreciating people for their effort lately. Im into CRAFT, which is why I appreciate Violet and even Kennedy and Katyas performance. They're working FOR OUR ENTERTAINMENT. Pearl seems more like she's doing it for her and the bottle service.
I recently shot with Violet and it was very interesting. When you think this is a 22 year old kid showing up at your house BY HERSELF, at 11:30p.m before she has to work, with a HUGE and HEAVY suitcase, in FULL DRAG you really have to give her POINTS FOR NERVE. She's YOUNG and she's REALLY GOOD… Very professional…CURIOUSLY SO. I feel like she's a SPY or something. She's VERY TALENTED, very SHOW FOLK, like she KNOWS WHAT SHES DOING but WHERE DOES IT COME FROM?! Theres a back story here and she's NOT sharing it. I don't know enough about her but IM ON TO HER!:) There is SOMETHING going on there. She's no kid raised with chickens. Her focus and ability and VEIL OF SECRECY come off more like she's received training from a SITH LORD. This makes me like her more. I got the feeling like there is a lot of internal dialogue going on that she's not sharing and she's putting a lot of effort in to acting normal amongst humans. I totally relate as this is how I felt from ages 10-20 and how I feel if Im in a room of straight people… which hasn't happened since 1996. I am captured by her air of mystery, I wouldn't say its exactly APPEALING, its not like its CHARMING but its VERY INTRIGUING. I respect her drive. She delivers "dark lady" and I appreciate that because I like people who don't necessarily "bond" so quickly because then when I feel if I have connected its real. I feel the reason why Katya is not my favorite, though I really appreciate her and she IS funny, is that she does the opposite of Violet. She wants to connect too desperately and nothing makes you NOT want to be friends with a person like them trying too hard to be friends with you.
Im eager to see the next episode. Im also going to Dragcon this weekend, on Saturday, so if you're going introduce yourself and say hi! I promise not to treat you poorly for being nice to me!


Christopher said...

Love this post. Very observant, very funny, not too cunty. Sharp!: "she's more of an Amanda Lepore to Violets Linda Evangelista to me."

Rico said...

Mr Mason, I am not going to Dragcon, but if I did ever meet you, that I have enjoyed your NY sensibilty with sardonic social commentary, not since I started reading Interview Magazine for Fran Lebowitz, has their been for me a sharo as a tack mind with humor. With the added POV on gay culture, you are fantastic. I am most happy you have found someone who you say appreciates you and is "muy guapo". Thanks for continuing this blog and I hope I don't come off as too much a synchophant. Laugh but I am an old geezer and loved going to NY in the 70s and 80s. I flew to NY first time to see Richard Gere in Bent to see dick. LOL. And partied at the best bar G G Barnums. Wish you the best.

Matt said...

lolol Violet as Sith Lady- SLAY!! I love it :D

David Mason said...

Wow!! Thank you so much Rico!!!! and thank you Matt! :)