Monday, June 1, 2015

Rupauls Drag Race Finale "in front of the scenes" I went to the finale and will try and mention things you probably wouldn't know from watching on tv.

Don't worry I don't reveal anything that will ruin any surprises but I do mention whats new etc etc. Don't read this if you don't wanna know about the schematics of the show.

First off, I do not know who won. Because Perez Hilton exposed the results and ruined it one year they now have to film every finalist winning. I know that seems lame but in all honesty the three of them are just standing there sooo anxiously it basically is real. Sure it may be a little LESS REAL but cmon hearing your name winning whether its real or not will sorta break your mind a little and you'd EMOTE for sure.
The contestant with the most cheers was not Pearl, Ginger, or Violet. It was Katya. Hands down Katya had the most cheers, she was surely the people princess. I cringe a little when I say this but I feel that Ginger MAY…MAY have had the biggest cheers out of the crowd regarding the final three. It was hard to tell because she also got mentioned FIRST so the response was really big but then I felt like the other fans weren't going to let that slide and cheered super hard for Violet and Pearl. (Me cheering upon Violets entry) If Ginger wins its not because she was the most liked, its because the vote was split between Pearl and Violet. If you're favorite is either Violet or Pearl there is a good chance you also really appreciate Violet or Pearl as well which splits their vote. If it was down to just two and one was Ginger there is no way Ginger would win, not even close. Ginger standing next to either Pearl or Violet was a for sure loser, splitting the votes though of the two stronger girls could put Ginger ahead.
I felt the budget was as good or better than last year and the venue was very nice as it allowed for balcony seating for the judges ALA the Muppets. The main difference this year is that they make the three finalists do an individual performance to a "song made especially for them". This was a really good idea as it made it seem more "awards show" style and gave an opportunity for each finalist to expose their talents. I actually feel they did a great job with these as this concept could go WRONG really fast and they were actually well suited and well done to each of the girls "character". I feel though this is a TEENSY bit risky though because if I was a finalist and the song they made "for me" I felt didn't suit me Id be PISSED… OR… if one of the other girls got a song that was clearly better I'd also be pissed. This didn't seem to happen though and they all got a song that featured each of their talents. I feel Violets was the best though there was MAYBE a little mis-step in the beginning, not sure if it will show but it seemed like her heel got snagged on the curtain in the very very beginning. It may not read on camera, AND IT MAY NOT HAVE EVEN HAPPENED, I was just so anxious for her I was like a DANCE MOM and wanted everything to be PERFECT. Gingers performance was basic and Baptist revival themed..barf… Pearls I sorta don't wanna talk about much because there is an element that is very "me" but I can't remember her song but it was cute. Violets performance was very Crazy Horse which if you know me you know its my favorite man made thing in the world so I appreciated it. I wish the back up dancers in Violets number were wearing BUSINESS SUITS though. What they put them in I feel didn't match the theme or genre.
The filming is LONG. It was 7 hours on the dot. How the queens kept their posture on those stools for as long as they had to sit there was beyond me. Nobody had a look that killed me (oh Ms Fames look was good- very Mugler and the hair was very Linda ala "Too Funky") except for Violets final look which we all gagged over. I hope it translates on television. I won't share a pic because I don't want to spoil it. It was like sheer nude and or sheer violet I can't exactly remember I know it was lavender but the inner skeleton of the garment may have been nude illusion. Anyhow its like Joan Crawford classic 40s fantasy via Mugler while stopping by the Dior shoppe on Saturn. The boning alone was very impressive, Im not sure if you'll be able to see it on tv. The outer shell was completely studded in various sizes of amethyst colored stones. MONEY. This dress LOOKED EXPENISVE and Parisian couture level quality the only difference I would say would be the stones if in a couture show would have all been glass and not all of these were glass. It was STUNNING. It was impressive on MANY accounts. It was so good Ru started talking and we were still standing there blabbing about her dress accidentally ignoring the cue to sit down. . It was gag worthy and for sure the best dress ever on Rupauls Drag race which is the SECOND time Violet has taken that category! For this she should win alone! Will she win… Errr. I don't think so. Its weird. Violet SHOULD win as she's done everything right EXCEPT win the people over. She's spends so much effort being correct and on point she's over looked the people who are watching her. This doesn't bother me personally as Im sorta flattered by it. Sure she's not paying attention to us its because SHES PAYING ATTENTION TO THE CRAFT!!! Im FINE with this! Im honored that she wants to do a good job for me! I don't want a winner like Jinx who really wasn't winner material but was PERSONABLE and PITIFUL… NO NO NO NO NO.. Alaska should have won that and TIME has proven this fact correct as you never see Jinx and Alaska is all over the place and has more followers than Sharon Needles even.
I dunno who will win, it SHOULD be Violet but SHOULD is not valid reason on Earth. Ginger MAY win because there are so many fat dumb people in America who want their poor decision making validated. Pearl could win because she's KIND OF the combo of Violet and Ginger meaning the People like her AND she's unique AND she has the most followers/hashtags on Instagram aka STAR QUALITY. TOUGH CALL. Fingers crossed its some kind of WEIRD ENDING that is unanticipated. Then again though if they do that people will be pissed and it will ruin the legitimacy of the contest itself. I think its just going to have to be one of those decisions where you can only please 40% of the population because its such a close race, the closest ever I think, so I guess Ru needs to just bite the bullet and pick one…. Im excited to see who she chooses. The masses, the professional, the starlet????
Ps The camera was RIGHT IN FRONT OF US and when Ginger came out I was NOT applauding, I was CUNTILY SLOW CLAPPING, if they show different ITS A LIE!. Ps I also went to Drag Con and it was better than anticipated and I think Ill have a booth next year! I bought a Rupaul plate and it was DEFECTIVE so I brought it to lunch with Ru to let her know her people in "QC" are resting on their laurels. She LAUGHED AT ME like it was my fault. I smashed the plate over her head.


Zachariah said...

Awesome. Looking forward to watching tonight, I want Violet to win!!! Also living for how much you loathe fat people. And to think all this time I was really hoping for the larger cut "ursa major" body suit from Slick it Up Oh well... Just gonna have to suck it up and transform myself into something gorgeous. Can't wait for next seasons reviews!

Unknown said...

Hey, I just want to start off with saying I am happy you haven't completely abandoned this blog. Tumblr is fun, but picture after picture with no writing is just not as interesting.
Have you considered turning this into a vlog on youtube?

The fact they film all 3 win sucks a little because of the emotion thing, but also makes it better because of the secrecy. I like that nobody knows until the final second.

The love for Katya definitely comes across on the taping. You can tell she had the biggest cheers, which I am happy with because she was one of my faves. I was hoping she would at least make it to top 4 and send the airport home. I also love the part when Ru brings her out at the end and for a second everyone thinks she might be the surprise winner. That was a great moment.

BEFORE watching last night I really wasn't sure who was going to win, but at the same time I felt like Ginger was ahead and for the first time I didn't really care who won. Throughout the season I felt like all the queens including the top 3 were either serving look or performance. I want the winner to serve both! We got that with Raja, Sharon, and Bianca. I think during the season you got caught up in Violets gig because her looks were SO GOOD!!! and your a fashion designer that loves pretty things, but for me her performances were not winner material. Her Adore and Alyssa were alright, but didn't wow me. The only challenge she did the best in was the dancing with the stars, so although she was giving me everything on the runway I still wasn't convinced. Ginger was the complete opposite. I think she had some great winner material performances, but gave me nothing nothing to look at on the runway, so I didn't want her to win either. Pearl was kind of in the middle she gave some runway and some performance, but wasn't consistent enough. Those were my feelings going into the finale.

Then I watched the finale and I am so glad they added the performance number from each finalist because that's when Violet sold me. Hers was my favorite. I think Gingers was second best. I liked Pearls song and look, but to me she always looks awkward when performing. I don't think she owns the stage like the other 2. I didn't notice any mis-step from Violet and I wasn't even paying attention to her dancers. I was so glad to finally have a queen that gave look and performance and it wasn't until that point that I actually cared who won and really hoped she would beat Ginger.

The venue looked really nice and seemed bigger. It was really smart of Ru to organize the Con at the same time of the finale, so all the queens and fans are around at the same time. That must have added to the energy. I was hoping that you might do a separate post just about the Con.

Thank you again for keeping the blog alive. I always look forward to your RUviews and whatever else you decide to write about.

Anonymous said...

Violet's finale dress was a riff on Alexander McQueen S/S 2007 "Sarabande" - a combination of these two looks:

For the beading

for the structure

The look was very correct.

Anonymous said...

I don't know why but your description made me so happy that I just want to visit you in NY and suck your cock. Of course Violet deserved to win. She IS the past, present and future of drag!

breeamal said...

The first time you were on the screen I yelped, "I know him!"
And then I explained to my boyfriend that I don't know you I just read your blog and he gave me major side-eye for the rest of the episode.

Joel said...

Certainly quiet at the House of Vader of late. Though the tumblr is fantastic and I visit often, I do miss your extended commentary on whatever was prompting a rant at any given moment- Joel

youreviltwin said...

I just sold you as hard as humanly possible to a GENIUS writer who does uproxx and jezebel. I was like WRITE ABOUT DAVID MASON HE'S A FUCKING GENIUS. hope he does, you are a true visionary and your voice is subversive and smart and hilarious etc. Not trying to live up your ass, i just think you're the greatest.