Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Rupauls Drag Race Season 8 Episode 6 (not really) and 7

So Im totally kicking myself for not writing last week because what I was thinking was was sorta proven this week. What I was thinking was this season compared to last season we have only ONE visually stunning girl where as last season it was battle of the super models. This season were all about PEOPLE which is WEIRD because it feels nice but is also kinda HARD to judge because why should we be judging PERSONALITIES. When its just visuals or performances its fair but when it actually is Rupauls Best Friend Race its like WAIT why is this a competition? I can't say Thorgy is better than Chi chi when visually there both not exactly VIOLET CHACHKI but personality wise Id love to have dinner with them. Last week I was in a bar watching the show, where I WON THE RAFFLE and got 47 Bianca del Rio pieces of merchandise made BY AND FOR Hondurans because I couldn't fit into any of it and 40 dollars in gift cards for the bar THAT I COULDNT USE THAT NIGHT. Anyways I was sitting there thinking "Ok so I like Thorgy a lot in a club and IM NOT TRYING TO BE SHADEY as I like him, he's talented, he's smart, he's funny this is not a read BUT as far as RPDR is concerned what has he shown us STRICTLY SPEAKING THE SHOW that merits final three?" He's cool, I like him a lot as a person but like this is kind of a CONTEST and Im not really getting any big surprises. Im getting more surprises than that GOD DAMN BOB who has delivered THE WORST MAKE UP AND LOOKS OVER AND OVER AND OVER and nobody says a FUCKING THING?! This is BULLSHIT btw, if you are strictly going by the runway and performances which is what they claim to only be going by CARPET BAGGER BOB should have been RUN OUT OF TOWN ON A RAIL eons ago. If you like him I ask you this question. What has he given us as far as the world of drag is concerned that is STRONG or FRESH or CAPTIVATING??? He does good padding and actually has a better body than you'd think BUT Yes, he's been funny, and he's a talented actor but this is a DRAG COMPETITION, where is the DRAG???? What he does has nothing to do with drag. I keep saying it over and over the man is a DRAG SHAM and is just an ACTOR IN DISGUISE and I will NOT BE HAD!!!! Im the person in the crowd pointing and screaming THE EMPEROR HAS NO CLOTHES... THAT IS NOT A DRAG QUEEEN!!! Now of course Im sensitive to this as my father was LOUSY GOD DAMN LIAR so the subject of a FRAUD and REALNESS is VERY close to my heart so I realize other people may not care about this much but for me its PERSONAL!:) I realize this is insane of course but I think its important to realize why we all have particular sensibilities that we are STICKLERS ABOUT and where they come from and what we should do about them. What I should do its CHILL OUT BITCH because WERE ALL FRAUDS on some level but whatever, realness is so important. This brings us to the POWER OF CHI CHI…. HOLY SHIT Chi-Chi is real as fuck. Chi-chi works at Walmart… thats REAL. I think god likes it when were honest to ourselves and during the Thorgy vs Chi Chi lip-synch GOD MADE IT RAIN DIAMONDS ON CHI CHI… It was not deliberate, we looked back to see if it was a stunt! Her heel actually caught the beading and it snapped… Are you fucking kidding me?! You could not have made that up omg if you don't like Chi Chi you basically don't like Dolly Parton and if you don't like Dolly Parton you don't like America and if you don't like America you should probably root for Derrick Barry because she's the opposite of the freedom of choice. Britney is the POWER OF SAMENESS which is also known as COMMUNISM. The power of sameness is pretty much only good for sex in my book. Like that is where appearing "the same" or "correct" works because whatever you're attracted to is really just someone or some IMAGE appealing to your ideals of what "correct" is but it should NOT be used for reality as its HORRIBLY OPPRESSIVE. Its super important to enjoy the fantasy but know its a fantasy and that nothing is real. Most straight people will never know this and its why their lives stop at 24, by that time they've done what they're supposed to so now its time to STOP BEING A PERSON and focus on the SPAWN.
Naomi… so now I feel the final three will be Naomi, Chi-Chi and Bob with Chi Chi winning. Chi-chi would totally win if someone loaned her 3 grand, with three grand someone who sucks the meat from a turkeys neck could do A LOT. Naomi however is LOOKING REALLY GOOD. The Wizard of Oz challenge was SO GOOD?! That look was EXCELLENT, it truly was as she said Westwood meets Vidal Sassoon. In the black and white challenge she did look the best and I love that she did RAVEN, my favorite. The only issue was that the legs didn't match the rest of the body but if you don't have grey tights you can't wear fishnets on top of grey paint so… who knows. I was willing to let it slip because her black lips were like some glossy flower of death and I was the fly LURED INTO IMPENDING DOOM!
I need to take a nap, this spring weather is FUCKING WITH ME. Im like tired all the time and WEIRDER THAN NORMAL.

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You do seem weirder than normal. It's awesome.