Thursday, September 8, 2016

Rupauls Drag Race All Stars 2 Episode 2 Snatch Game / Latex Runway… Tatiannas got a problem.

Im sorry this one has to be brief as Im way late because I went to Southern Decadence and got back a day late and then came home and it was Alvaros birthday so Im basically just a SPENT MESS. Southern Decadence is cute, the people are nice, but EH, you're not missing anything. It was very small and if you're not a big drinker you might find it difficult. There is no particular scene or moment at the entire thing which is kinda nice but STANDING THERE DRINKING is more of a ONE DAY thing at most for me. Then Alvaro accidentally booked the flight back for Tuesday not Monday so at that point I was just pretending the hotel was a CRUISE SHIP and I pretty much sat there the entire day going back and forth from our room to the Club Room where they served food and cocktails to my bath tub, and back again. It got to the point where I resented having to wear clothes or having to bend over to put shoes on if that tells you anything about the comfort level I had going on. Its that point where you're in completely luxurious surroundings but because you're so relaxed and well fed EVERYTHING IS HARD, and by hard I mean IM A TERRIBLE PERSON. Then we got home and it was Alvaros birthday so my gift to him was that I shaved off all my body hair because in Spain thats considered sexy. I know its weird but go there and you'll see it the hot straight guys are all SHAVED (Im assuming this is because they're all so hairy and to be hairy is to be like your dad so they all shave the whole thing) so being 6' 3" that only took like SIX HOURS. Then he came home and daddy WRECKED MY SHAVED TWAT for a long time but also MADE ME do all these poppers so my BRAIN HURTS at this very moment, but Id do it again! Why, BECAUSE I AM A WOMAN IN LOVE! lol Im seriously listening to this right now as I write this and its LOUD, there was a day I played Too Funky at top volume, now its Woman in Love…Ugh.. I used to imagine myself a Mugler model, now I model myself after a nearly elderly jewess..Eh Ill take it, at least its cozy.
Ok so things we need to briefly discuss. Adore left. She got spooked by Michelle clocking her shitty look. However I did relate to her when Michelle said "its not personal" Ummmm... "its not personal" ALWAYS means its EXACTLY AND ONLY PERSONAL AND THAT SUCKS.
The runway portion of the show needs to hold more weight. I feel its more interesting AND its the opportunity for the contestant to show themselves off and what their THING is. The weekly challenge is more like doing what someone else tells you to do which is limiting and doesn't necessarily feature your own abilities. The runway portion is "Let me show you what I can do" and Im FAR more interested in seeing how their mind works via their decision making process regarding the appearance they designed and choose to present. This is where Tatianna FUCKS UP. I kinda feel like A LOT of people like Taitianna. I really like her. She's beautiful and seems kind and I like her vibes. WHAT THE FUCK THOUGH?!?! TATI.. HAVE YOU CONSIDERED LETTING STYING INTO YOUR LIFE?! How can someone be so involved in a world and NOT understand quite possible the most important aspect of it?! Tatianna has ZERO concept of style.. AT ALL. She is that person that I have no idea how they exist where they cannot put a look together. NOT ONE LOOK. Like WHAT IS THIS????? WHAT…. IS…… THIS????? its so out of place and WRONG its ALMOST INVENTIVE?!?!? What exactly is the direction with this?? Its so interesting, she's so clearly concerned with the physical appearance the styling just isn't important to her, its just not part of the equation…. I don't know how to help you Tati, I like you A LOT. I didn't want to see you go, but what was the shitty "fetish" look??? I mean… gu… re… (thats me not being able to finish saying GURL or REALLY because I'm so frustrated).. hopefully she comes back. Im thinking this whole "you're not dead yet" thing will basically be a two team split thing where the chopped and non chopped will actually form teams. The only problem with that is it will be the people nobody likes versus the cool kids so it won't even have any impact. I feel like if Detox were able to style Tati they could be really good, but cmon Coco and Ginger Minj are DEAD MEAT and like the sick wildebeest having them around means EVERYONE DIES.
Snatch game was fine, Alaska was great as Mae West, kinda shocking that nobody knew who she was at the bar I was watching it in. Alyssa as usual was nothing more than herself and running other characters through that filter is always great as its nothing like what its supposed to be but is some surrealist texan drag queen insane-o-filter which makes things WAY more interesting. In fact its the entire reason I watch the show actually now that I think about it. I want to see how the world is filtered and then put back together again through another persons eyes. Its why I have such a strong personal interest in the show and the queens individually and why it feels so nice when someone gets it "right" in my eyes. You find a kindred spirit and that makes you feel like you're not alone, which is something I think creative people often have an issue with.
Ginger was totally OFF, Tammie never had that hair, the make up wasn't nearly heavy enough.. I mean how could you fuck that up?! Trixie does it EVERY DAY and she doesn't even mean to?! Detox was not so great, its that problem is that thing I said before. She's a STRONG personality and cannot be anything other than herself which is attractive to me. Kinda like Raven or ME, I FAIL MISERABLY every time I'm told to behave a different way then what I am naturally but if you just let me be me I sparkle. Which brings us to the runway portion of the show.. Detox killed it for the exact reason mentioned above. This is the strong suit of a strong personality. Let me do what I want and it will be great. I wonder if an "alpha" thing? Like you can't tell an alpha personality how to behave, it just doesn't work, don't put them on a team, don't ask them to meet your needs its not what kind of machine they are. Detox and Alaska were the best. Alaska wore a horrible shoe though that I spooked on the runway and felt vindicated when that other queen randomly clocked it too. I mean smoked latex and THAT SHOE?
I was so happy it was a latex runway shoe. OF COURSE Ginger completely didn't get what that means and didn't even wear latex but wore polyurethane garbage if she had done FAT CATWOMAN I would have given her points for nerve. Roxxy also sucked. She TOTALLY should have gone home. The final three were Tati, Detox and Roxxy. Gimme a break Roxxy so deserved to die. Detox didn't even belong there. Alaska and Katya did the lip synch and Alaska was completely smart about it and gave us the HER SHOW, don't ever try and be something you're not, if you can't dance give us I CANT DANCE and it will be a success. Its always the smart move, being you its never a FAIL. Even if YOU are the FAIL. Its a win win. Alaska really nailed it and deserved the win by far. Katya however was a weird flat disappointment. She put on a bodysuit and then didn't do anything, I'm assuming she's holding back???
Im exhausted and have to eat, and now I'm grouchy because i wrote this instead of eating, leave me alone I hate you.

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I appreciate your commentary, but will I follow it religiously each week, only to have you stop towards the end and not even give a recap of the finale like you did last season?